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May 19, 2006

Dear Neighbors,

Congratulations on your excellent attendance at our annual meeting on May 10, 2006. We had 51 households (about 4.5% of the 1156 residences in ENCA) who signed the attendance list and approximately 70 people were present. Special thanks to Rosemary Ryan from Supervisor DuBois's office in answering many of your questions.


You will recall we had 14 sign-up sheets at the back of the room seeking volunteers for various neighborhood activities. By the end of the evening we had volunteers for 9 of these categories.

We have five or six volunteers each for working the following issues:

Establishing Fairfax County trash collection service in ENCA
Traffic Safety
Tree Planting and Traffic Island Landscape Maintenance
Parks, Trails, Stream Valley and Playground
Neighborhood Beautification (includes issue of Old Dominion Dr.Metro bus stop)

We had three or less volunteers for:

Maintaining and Improving the ENCA Web site (www.elnidoca.org)
Participating in the McLean Citizens Association (www.mcleancitizens.org)
Establishing a neighborhood Welcome Committee to greet new residents
One volunteer to serve on the ENCA Board of Directors (Mike Clancy)

We had no volunteers to organize a neighborhood picnic, to develop identity signage for the neighborhood, deal with graffitti, work planning and zoning issues, or to organize a neighborhood garage sale.

Please contact me if you have not signed up for any of these groups and would like to participate, including on the board of directors.

I think the volunteer sign-up sheets served as mini-referendum of what you view as the priority issues for the neighborhood. Although no one signed up for planning and zoning, it certainly seemed that you have significant concerns (based on your questions) about, languishing building projects, oversized in-fill homes and overgrown
properties. Please let me know if you have any issues related to zoning and I will try to address them with appropriate people in the county.

I will send a seperate email message with individual contact information to the 9 groups for which we had volunteers to try and kick-off these activities.


After our very expensive post card mailing and renewal of the web site, ENCA remains in the "red", even after the dues we collected so far. If you attended the meeting but did not pay dues on May 10 please send in a check as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to email this message to your neighbors and ask them to send us(mcleanva@elnidoca.org) their email address as well as mailing us their dues ($15) at ENCA, P.O. Box 1225, Mclean, VA 22101.


As we discussed, we will no longer be doing any postal mailings, we will rely on the internet and email for all of our communications and our existing signs to announce meetings. A couple of households have contacted me indicating they do not have internet. If you know
any neighbors in that situation, please print a copy of this letter and share it with them. I have recorded the names of those who paid by check.

Again, congratulations and please activate your working groups when I get the information to you. Aalso, I plan to send out an email whenever we add or make make changes to the Web site.


William J. Denk